App Attack #010: Father's Day Special

App Attack #010: Father's Day Special

App Attack #010: Father’s Day Special

We know fathers are always busy at work, trying to strike a balance between business and family commitments. On this special day, share these apps with your dad and who knows, he might thank you for the recommendations. The app list we have come up is by no means exhaustive but we have narrowed down to five categories that will most probably appeal to dads. They are health, trip planning, automobile, beer and news.

Iron Man Magazine

Price: Free
Category: Health & Fitness
Platforms: Apple iOS / BlackBerry / Google Android
The Iron Man Magazine app stood out among the various fitness apps we reviewed because of its user friendly interface. It has one of the richest database of fitness articles, thanks to the 75 years history of the magazine. You can find the latest articles on training programs, exercise tips and lifestyle commentaries. The app even has a section titled "Blogs", where the editorial team of the magazine post their personal takes on a wide range of issues from healthy eating to character development . This differentiates the app from the rest as the content is very personalized, where writers not only provide professional guidance, they also share their own experiences. A must-have app for dads who want to keep fit and lead a health lifestyle.



Price: Free
Category: Travel & Local
Platforms: Apple iOS / Google Android / Palm / Nokia / Windows Mobile

TripAdvisor is a complete travel guide app for dads who often go on overseas trips, be it for business, family or leisure. The app has preset categories (Hotels, Restaurants, Things to do, Forums, Near me now, Write a Review) for you to choose. For example, the Hotels tab allows you to search a particular location for hotels through city, zip or address. Search results not only provides information on the average price range, they also show you the reviews by other visitors, photos of the accommodation and nearby facilities. TripAdvisor has a Travel Forum where you can browse for information through key words, destination or topic.


Motor Trend News

Price: Free
Category: News & Magazines
Platforms: Apple iOS / Google Android

It is a common understanding that automobiles to gentlemen are like diamonds to ladies. Surprise your car enthusiastic dad with this all-in-one Motor Trend News app. The home screen interface takes a leaf off the design of a car's dashboard with each speedometer  representing the various options available (Videos, Wide Open Throttle, Road Tests, Photos, Features and Future Cars). The app is updated on a daily basis with coverage of auto shows, road tests, pictures and videos of the latest automobiles on the road. The Features section is particularly interesting as you can browse through articles discussing about interviews with top management of automobile companies, the type of cars that celebrities own and recommendations of different automobiles for various occasions. 



Price: Free
Category: Lifestyle
Platforms: Apple iOS / Google Android

Nowadays, almost everything is in "the cloud". Even guys' favorite beverage for all occasions is part of "the cloud". BeerCloud is a an app developed by, a social media marketing platform that promotes renowned brewers around the world and the beers they create. GreatBrewers compiles a comprehensive database of information from different beer wholesalers, brewers, retailers and consumers in the BeerCloud for easy access by its users. Although it is limited to the U.S at the moment, GreatBrewers is actively working to cover more countries. You can search for a brewer or beer through a barcode scan, voice, text or location. Search results provide short but concise information on the brewer, the beer and what is it best served with. One unique feature is the Sommelier tab, which recommends the best beer styles based on the dish you are ordering. It has a few categories such as beef, pasta and seafood.


The Straits Times

Price: Free
Category: News
Platforms: Apple iOS 

Start off the day prepared and well informed with the latest news around the world via The Straits Times app. With stories neatly categorized into Top Stories, Latest, and various other sections, you won't find a lack of news to keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings, both in Singapore and the region. Sharing is also integrated within the app, allowing you to send out that news via your Twitter or Facebook channels. You can also drop a comment to the Straits Times news desk and even embed a photo to provide a visual news alert. And in the often changing weather here in Singapore, the weather reporter located at the top right corner serves its purpose quite well. Give it a few seconds, and it'll switch over to the stock market reporting, giving you the latest stock prices and changes in the market.


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