AMD Radeon HD 7790 Duel - ASUS vs Sapphire

Unigine 4.0 "Heaven" and Unigine "Valley" 1.0 Results

Unigine 4.0 "Heaven" Results

Unigine's "Heaven" benchmark tests GPUs with extreme tessellation, dynamic sky with volumetric clouds, real-time global illumination, and screen-space ambient occlusion among others.

Across the board, the HD 7790 scored roughly halfway between the HD 7770 and HD 7850, trailing the HD 7850 by about 10-15%. The exception was at 2560 x 1600 resolution, at 8x AA settings, where again, it just did not have enough memory to benchmark successfully. Obviously, considering its mid-range specification, you shouldn't expect it to be able to perform well at higher than Full HD settings.



Unigine "Valley" 1.0 Results

Valley is a new benchmark from Unigine that renders a highly detailed seamless landscape covering a total area of 64,000 square kilometers. It also utilizes dynamic sky effects, volumetric clouds, sun shafts, DOF, and ambient occlusion.

We saw a similar result to our "Heaven" results here, with the HD 7790 trailing the HD 7850 by about 12% on average. Again, it was unable to handle the benchmark at 2560 x 1600 resolution at 8x AA.