AMD Previews "Hawaii" GPU-based Graphics Card

AMD Previews "Hawaii" GPU-based Graphics Card!

Aloha "Hawaii" GPU!

Following this morning's opening speech by Raja Koduri, VP of Visual Computing at AMD, who kick started the company's GPU14 Tech Day event by setting some broad goals and emphasis in how the GPU team will focus its upcoming efforts, the company went on to titillate the tech media this evening aboard the USS Missouri battleship at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with the next generation AMD graphics card using the "Hawaii" GPU core.

Supposedly sporting the brand new R9 290X GPU (name and specs yet to be confirmed), this unnamed card will be AMD's new torchbearer through this year and part of next year. Apart from what was previously leaked about he GPU, we can't comment if the details are accurate or how much of it is valid, but stay tuned for more details coming soon as AMD's GPU14 Tech Day will commence fairly soon. For now, we've some close-up shots of the graphics card to whet your appetite:-

Now for those of you wondering the significance of launching the new graphics card aboard the Battleship, this is to tie-in the fact that AMD is closely working with EA Games on the imminent beta release of Battlefield 4, one of the most well received first-person shooter games around. Said to be officially launched around the Christmas holiday season this year, AMD is offering EA gaming hardware and expertise to help with in-game performance tuning, compatibility checking and smooth operation with other AMD-centric options like Eyefinity, CrossFire and more.

To find out what else AMD will be announcing at the GPU14 Tech Day, do check out the live stream of the event.