3GSM World Congress 2006, Barcelona (Part 1)

New from Motorola

This article is also contributed by John Chan.

3GSM World Congress 2006

It's that time of year again where we pay a visit to the mobile mecca, the 3GSM World Congress. This is where deals are made, strategies are announced and technologies are shown off. But more importantly and interesting to us are the new mobile phones that we get to see on the show floors. Almost all the major mobile phone brands had new handsets revealed. Taking their cue from Motorola, we saw many slim handsets from most of the manufacturers. The RAZR V3 has really ignited a revolution in mobile phone design. Here is our coverage of some of the handsets from the major brands.

New from Motorola

There is no doubt that the Motorola RAZR V3 was wildly successful in 2005. The numbers show that, and just by looking around, you can see many people carrying this super-slim handset. The design philosophy has carried over to the bar-type handset, the SLVR, with Motorola giving super slim designs to the low-tier and mid-tier markets.