View Past Shows Tech Show Portal COMEX 2013. 05 September - 08 September 2013 // 12pm - 9pm. Singapore Expo Halls 5 & 6

05 September - 08 September 2013 // 12pm - 9pm // Singapore Expo Halls 5 & 6

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Comex 2013 - Best Deals & Gift Ideas!

The Comex show is here again and it's held at the Singapore Expo till 8th September. We've scoured the show floor for great deals and tech gift ideas just so you don't have to! Here are 10 products for your consideration.
Event News & Buying Guides

Comex 2013 - Notebooks/Systems, Networking, PC Accessories/Software & Gaming Gear Buying Guide

On the hunt for a new notebook or a new router to pair with your fibre connection? In this guide, we show you what to look out for as well as the best notebook, desktop and networking deals from Comex 2013.

Comex 2013 - Telco, Tablets, GPS & Mobile Accessories Buying Guide

Some of the best deals at any tech show can be found with the telcos, who just love to bundle their deals with loads of premium goodies. Plus, we check out the best promotions on smartphones, tablets, GPS devices and mobile accessories to complement your latest purchases.

Comex 2013 - Cameras, Printers, Storage & Monitors Buying Guide

Into the third quarter of the year, Comex is here so you can prep yourself for the year-end holidays! We bring you the camera, printer and storage deals from Comex 2013. Read on for our picks!

Comex 2013 - TVs, Projectors, Media Players, Speakers & Headphones Buying Guide

Comex 2013 is on-going at the Singapore Expo. We round up some of the best deals, highlight star products on sale and give you general information on how to pick the best TV, projector, media player, speaker or headphones for your needs.

Comex 2013 Preview - Let the Bargain Hunting Begin! (Updated!)

Are you one of the over 800,000 visitors of Comex every year? With more than 830 exhibitors showing off their IT and consumer electronics products, you should be! The year's show starts on September 5; and as usual, we're giving you a sneak preview of some of the best deals to be had a week in advance, starting from today.

KEF Debuts Its Over-ear and In-ear Headphones

KEF is set to launch of its first range of headphones, the M500 over-ear headphones, and the M200 in-ear buds, at the Comex 2013 starting tomorrow.

Nokia Lumia 625 Set to Launch at Comex 2013

With Nokia's largest smartphone display at 4.7 inches, the Lumia 625 comes with 4G connectivity and an extensive suite of signature Nokia Lumia applications. It will debut at Comex 2013 for S$399 with exclusive operator promotions.

LifeProof Exhibits Waterproof, Shockproof Smartphone Cases at Comex 2013

LifeProof is showcasing its nüüd cases for Apple iPhone 5 - the first waterproof, all-protective smartphone cases without a screen cover, at the Comex 2013. Show goers will also get to see a live demo of the waterproof function of the LifeProof case submerged in a fish tank.

KEF M Series Headphones Will Debut at Comex 2013

KEF will be launch their first-ever M Series of headphones at the Comex 2013.

Prolink Launching New LTE Models at Comex 2013

Prolink is officially unveiling its LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot and 21.6Mbps HSPA+ WiFi Hotspot at Comex 2013. Also set to launch is the 4G LTE USB Modem, as well as the Wireless True Plug and Play IP camera.

Nokia Lumia 625 to Debut with Exclusive Promos at Comex

Available in quirky orange and yellow, and sophisticated black and white, the 4.7-inch Nokia Lumia 625 will be retailing at Comex 2013 for S$399, with exclusive telco promotions.

Trend Micro to Stage Live Hacking Demos at Comex 2013

In addition to special show prices and promotions, Trend Micro will be holding hourly live hacking demonstrations. Trend Micro's technical security experts will be showing two scenarios of live hacks, as well as answer any queries after the demonstrations.

Win "1 World Music Festival" Tickets on F1 Weekend from Jabra!

The official headphone sponsor for the 1WMF will be offering a pair of tickets worth S$300 with every purchase of Jabra Revo Wireless headphones, limited to the first 20 units of headphones from participating resellers, Nubox (booth 6106) and Starhub (booth 6701). Read on for more Comex deals.

HP Envy 14 TouchSmart - First Notebook with QHD Display to Debut

HP's Envy 14 TouchSmart will be the first notebook sporting a QHD display to debut at the Comex 2013. HP is throwing in Comex-exclusive freebies with each purchase. Read on for more details.

Understanding and Using Near Field Communications (NFC)

Mobile device manufacturers are offering more NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets and even notebooks today. What is it? What do you need to do to activate the service? What can it do for you? Where can I use it? Is it secure to use? All these questions will be answered in our comprehensive tech guide to NFC.

HardwareZone's Windows 8 Mega Guide

Microsoft's latest OS, Windows 8, has gotten a new user interface replete with touch gestures, much improved cloud-connected services, a new app store, and more. In this Tech Guide, we explore what's new and different, starting from the installation process and the new Start screen, to the various core apps and business-related features.

A Speedy Guide to 4G/LTE

4G and LTE seem to be the buzz words these days after all three telcos rolled out their new networks. 4G smartphones and tablets are beginning to show up on retail shelves too. But what does it mean and what do you need to know about it? We've got you covered with this dedicated guide on all you need to know about 4G/LTE.

All You Need to Know about Intel Ivy Bridge

A whole slew of new notebooks and desktops are on sale now boasting Intel's third generation Core i3/i5/i7 processors and are often marketed by the term "Ivy Bridge". We put together a resource center of what you need to know about Intel's latest computing platform and the relevant products featuring them.

Smart TV Buying Guide: Buy Smart!

Smart TVs aren't a new fad, but they've settled in as a de-facto feature with many mid-range and premium models in the market today. Refer to our buying guide to gain some practical insight into these smart displays and what's required before you splurge on one!

The Mirrorless Camera Guide Essentials

Is a compact camera possessing close to DSLR performance too much to ask for? Not anymore with the onslaught of mirrorless system cameras hitting the digital camera market right now. Let us fill you in on the details of mirrorless system cameras, including how to make an informed choice if you're looking to get one.

All You Need to Know about Ultrabooks

Powerful, thin and light mobile computing used to be a very expensive proposition. Not any more with the new class of notebooks called the Ultrabooks. We detail all you need to know on this new product group in our Ultrabook Tech Guide.

HardwareZone's 3D TV Buying Guide Essentials

Should you go with active or passive? With a multitude of 3D TV technologies and models available in the market, it isn't easy to decide on the right television type with TV manufacturers clamoring to offer the best 3D experience in the industry. Not to worry though, for we're here to help.

HardwareZone's HDTV Buying Guide Essentials

Unknown to many, buying a television for your home involves more preparation work than anticipated. With our HDTV Buying Guide Essentials, you can now equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to make the right purchase instead of regretting an impulsive buy later.