First Looks: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7

First Looks: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7

FEATURE  /  01 Aug 2013

Panasonic has just announced their latest and greatest mirrorless system camera; the Lumix GX7. And surprise, surprise, we've already had our hands on it for the last two days. Here's our first impressions of the GX7, almost live from Australia. How does it look, feel and perform? Click to find out.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 - An Advanced Compact for the Casual Shooter

REVIEW  /  30 Jul 2013

The LF1 is Panasonic's newest advanced compact and has similarities to its LX7 counterpart. While the sensor inside the LF1 is the same size and type as that of the LX7, the LF1 sports a higher resolution. Other differences include a longer but slightly slower lens and an electronic viewfinder (EVF) - a rarity on small cameras. Along with a lower price, are these differences enough to make the LF1 stand out?

Sony Cyber-shot HX50V review

Sony Cyber-shot HX50V - High Zoom, High Stamina Superzoom

REVIEW  /  29 Jul 2013

Going on a holiday? You might want to consider a superzoom compact instead of a bulky DSLR camera. We narrow down your choices by taking a look at the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V. It is Sony's latest superzoom compact which serves up 30x optical zoom in a body that's slimmer than equivalent competitors. So does it deliver? Read on as we've penned our experience in this review.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 review

Panasonic Lumix GF6 - Incredibly Good Value

REVIEW  /  12 Jul 2013

With a new 16MP sensor and the return of the Mode dial, the Panasonic Lumix GF6 improves upon the GF5 and borrows a little from the GX1. It adds a near 180° tilting touch-screen for easy selfies and built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing. It even has NFC to easily pair with mobile devices. Check out our review to see how it fares.

Canon PowerShot N review

Canon PowerShot N - A New Direction

REVIEW  /  11 Jul 2013

With smartphones invading the digital compact camera's turf with ever better sensors and software features, it's time for compacts to evolve. Thinking out of the box is Canon's PowerShot N that features a unique design. Did it spawn a new niche segment or is the PowerShot N a step in the wrong direction? We find out in our review.

Nikon D7100 review

Nikon D7100 - Nikon's APS-C Prince

REVIEW  /  05 Jul 2013

Coming two years after the Nikon D7000, the D7100 is quite the beast on paper. It's the latest in Nikon's APS-C DSLR cameras to get a high-resolution 24MP sensor, and the first to come without an optical low-pass filter, which promises to increase the amount of detail captured in its images.

Fujifilm X20 review

Fujifilm X20 - Retro Good Looks

REVIEW  /  27 Jun 2013

A successor to Fujifilm's X10 advanced compact camera, the X20 brings retro good looks coupled with improved AF speeds to the table. But will this combination be enough considering the slew of advanced compacts released within the last year? Hit the jump to find out.

Samsung NX300 review

Samsung NX300 - Nice Functions, Needs More Form

REVIEW  /  26 Jun 2013

As the successor to the NX200 and NX210, the NX300 represents the mid-range of Samsung's mirrorless system cameras. In some ways, it's even better than the flagship NX20, which was released in the middle of 2012. Click through to discover how the camera fares.

A feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

FEATURE  /  21 Jun 2013

We take a quick look at some of the camera features offered in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - a smartphone with up to 10x optical zoom and more.

Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy NX Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy NX Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera

FEATURE  /  21 Jun 2013

Samsung today announced a new addition to their interchangeable lens camera series with the new Galaxy NX. It comes equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity as well as an Android operating system that lets you stay connected with your social media apps. Check in to find out more!

Canon EOS 100D review

Canon EOS 100D - A Well-designed & User-friendly DSLR for Everyone

REVIEW  /  17 Jun 2013

The Canon EOS 100D is the smallest and lightest DSLR camera in the world with a large APS-C sensor. We first thought of it as just a small DSLR, but the 100D surprised us with its well thought-out design and ease of use. Check out our review for more insights.

PC Show 2013 - Cameras, Printers, Monitors & Storage Buying Guide

PC Show 2013 - Cameras, Printers, Monitors & Storage Buying Guide

FEATURE  /  07 Jun 2013

Shoot it, view it, print it, keep it! We've got everything to cover your cameras, monitors, printers and storage deals this PC Show 2013 - read on to discover some great deals!

Olympus Pen E-P5 review

Preview: Olympus Pen E-P5

REVIEW  /  31 May 2013

Olympus' new mirrorless system camera, the Pen E-P5, packs a solid punch in specs alone. It gets the best from the groundbreaking OM-D E-M5, and even adds more like built-in Wi-Fi. Click through to see what else is new in our hands-on preview of this gorgeous camera.

The State of Mirrorless Cameras 2012

The State of Mirrorless Cameras 2012

BLOG  /  21 May 2013

The last of the Japanese camera companies' financial reports for the recent fiscal year have come in. How did they fare (spoiler: not well), how did the camera divisions do, and how does it reflect on mirrorless system cameras as a whole?

Olympus TG-2  review

Olympus Tough TG-2 - Adding Aperture Priority into the Mix

REVIEW  /  21 May 2013

Point-and-shoot cameras are easy to use and pocket-able. But what if you need a camera that can withstand the rigors and challenges of travelling off the beaten track? Enter the Olympus TG-2, the company's toughest compact. Building on the strengths of the original TG-1, find out how the updated model fares.

A Day of Shooting with Panasonic GF6 and G6 in Bali

A Day of Shooting with Panasonic GF6 and G6 in Bali

FEATURE  /  14 May 2013

We didn't get a chance at handling the new Panasonic camera models when the news broke so how could we pass up an offer to spend a day shooting with them? So it's off to Bali this time around for Panasonic's regional digital camera launch and here are the highlights of the trip.

Sony Alpha NEX-6 review

Sony NEX-6 - A Flagship Simplified

REVIEW  /  08 May 2013

The Sony Alpha NEX-6 sits somewhere in-between the series' flagship NEX-7 and the NEX-5R, in terms of handling, performance and, of course, price. It comes with a 16MP sensor, an electronic viewfinder and takes after the prosumer controls of the NEX-7. Discover how the camera performs in our review.

Casio Exilim EX-ZR700 review

Casio Exilim EX-ZR700 - It Could Have Been Much More

REVIEW  /  06 May 2013

Most compact cameras are known for their significant shutter lag so it's especially tricky to snap fast-moving subjects. But the Casio EX-ZR700 looks to solve this issue with zero-shutter lag. It also sports an impressive 18x optical zoom, making it seem like an ideal compact for those who shoot sports and wildlife. Does it live up to its marketing? We find out.

Fujifilm X100S review

Fujifilm X100S - The S Stands for Super

REVIEW  /  02 May 2013

Two years after the introduction of a modern-day classic, Fujifilm is back with an update to the breakthrough X100. The X100S doesn't look very different, but what little has changed on the outside makes all the difference, while the insides are completely new. Check out our review to discover what's new.

Olympus XZ-10  review

Olympus XZ-10 - A Smaller and Better XZ-2?

REVIEW  /  25 Apr 2013

The XZ-10 appears to be just a smaller version of the XZ-2. But is smaller necessarily a bad thing? It appears not; find out why in our review and if it's the ideal pocket advanced compact camera.


Nikon has just announced the Df, a retro-inspired full-frame DSLR. Check out how it looks and works (and compares against the Sony A7R) in our hands-on video.

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