Olympus Pen E-P5 review

Olympus Pen E-P5 Review - A Gorgeous Reboot

REVIEW  /  06 Nov 2013

The E-P5 represents such a significant upgrade over the two-year old E-P3 that it’s better to think of it as a reboot rather than an update. But while many things are massively improved, some are still stuck in time. Find out which in our review.

Hands-on with the Nikon Df, Nikon’s Retro-Inspired Full-frame DSLR

Hands-on with the Nikon Df, Nikon’s Retro-Inspired Full-frame DSLR

FEATURE  /  05 Nov 2013

Nikon has just announced the Df camera, short for Digital Fusion, a retro-inspired DSLR camera with a 16MP full-frame sensor inside and full compatibility with Nikon’s range of lenses, including classic non-AI lenses. We get hands-on with the new camera and give you our first impressions.

Hands-on with the Sony A7, A7R & RX10 (with SG Prices & Availability)

Hands-on with the Sony A7, A7R & RX10 (with SG Prices & Availability)

FEATURE  /  25 Oct 2013

We go hands-on with Sony's newest camera, the A7 & A7R - the "world's smallest and lightest 35mm full-frame interchangeable lens camera" - and the RX10 which has an amazing 24-200mm f/2.8 focal length with a 1" sensor. Click through for our first impressions and the cameras' local prices.

Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix GM1, an Ultra Compact Mirrorless Camera

Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix GM1, an Ultra Compact Mirrorless Camera

FEATURE  /  17 Oct 2013

We go hands-on with Panasonic's latest mirrorless camera, the Lumix GM1, an impossibly compact camera with the same sensor inside as the Lumix GX7. Check out just how small this camera is!

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 review

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10 Review: Fit Any Smartphone with a 18MP Camera & 10x Zoom

REVIEW  /  01 Oct 2013

Sony's QX10 is essentially a small compact camera with Wi-Fi which links up to your smartphone. Some might see it as a good accessory to augment your phone, while others may think it's better to spend money on a conventional point-and-shoot. Here's what we think.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 review

Panasonic Lumix GX7 Review: A Perfect 10

REVIEW  /  27 Sep 2013

Panasonic's latest mirrorless system camera, the GX7, comes with one neat trick - it has a built-in live viewfinder that tilts up to 90 degrees. The camera also comes with built-in image stabilization - a first for Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds cameras. Is this lucky number seven a winner?

Canon Updates Its PowerShot Lineup, Adds a Downsized Legria Too

Canon Updates Its PowerShot Lineup, Adds a Downsized Legria Too

FEATURE  /  10 Sep 2013

The PowerShot G and S-series cameras get a new model each, while Canon also unveiled the Legria Mini, a pocket-sized video recorder. Read on to find out more about the new releases.

Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M1, the New DSLR-killer

Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M1, the New DSLR-killer

FEATURE  /  10 Sep 2013

We've gotten our hands on a pre-production model of Olympus' latest flagship, the OM-D E-M1. Click through to find out how it handles and why this is the mirrorless DSLR-killer we've been waiting for.

Comex 2013 - Cameras, Printers, Storage & Monitors Buying Guide

Comex 2013 - Cameras, Printers, Storage & Monitors Buying Guide

FEATURE  /  05 Sep 2013

Into the third quarter of the year, Comex is here so you can prep yourself for the year-end holidays! We bring you the camera, printer and storage deals from Comex 2013. Read on for our picks!

Hands-on: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10

Hands-on: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-QX10

FEATURE  /  05 Sep 2013

Sony has just announced the QX10 and QX100 camera attachments for smartphones. We managed to get our hands on the 18.2-megapixel QX10, and here's what you need to know about it.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 II review

Sony RX100 II Review - Size Does Matter

REVIEW  /  15 Aug 2013

Sony's RX100 was the best compact camera of 2012 (and also the most expensive). Does the 2013 sequel top the original? Short answer: Yes! Is it worth paying top dollar for? Short answer: It's complicated! Click through for our review of the year's best compact to date.

Nikon Coolpix AW110 review

Nikon Coolpix AW110 - Rugged, Simple, Good

REVIEW  /  07 Aug 2013

An incremental update to Nikon's maiden foray into the tough camera segment, the AW110 adds Wi-Fi and features increased toughness. But is it worth the upgrade? Join us as we find out.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT5 - Competent but with Caveats

REVIEW  /  06 Aug 2013

The Lumix DMC-FT5 is Pansonic's latest tough camera. It is waterproof up to 13m, shockproof from a height of up to 2m and is able to resist pressure of up to 100kgf. But how will this tough cookie measure up as a camera? We find out.

First Looks: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7

First Looks: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7

FEATURE  /  01 Aug 2013

Panasonic has just announced their latest and greatest mirrorless system camera; the Lumix GX7. And surprise, surprise, we've already had our hands on it for the last two days. Here's our first impressions of the GX7, almost live from Australia. How does it look, feel and perform? Click to find out.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 review

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LF1 - An Advanced Compact for the Casual Shooter

REVIEW  /  30 Jul 2013

The LF1 is Panasonic's newest advanced compact and has similarities to its LX7 counterpart. While the sensor inside the LF1 is the same size and type as that of the LX7, the LF1 sports a higher resolution. Other differences include a longer but slightly slower lens and an electronic viewfinder (EVF) - a rarity on small cameras. Along with a lower price, are these differences enough to make the LF1 stand out?

Sony Cyber-shot HX50V review

Sony Cyber-shot HX50V - High Zoom, High Stamina Superzoom

REVIEW  /  29 Jul 2013

Going on a holiday? You might want to consider a superzoom compact instead of a bulky DSLR camera. We narrow down your choices by taking a look at the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V. It is Sony's latest superzoom compact which serves up 30x optical zoom in a body that's slimmer than equivalent competitors. So does it deliver? Read on as we've penned our experience in this review.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 review

Panasonic Lumix GF6 - Incredibly Good Value

REVIEW  /  12 Jul 2013

With a new 16MP sensor and the return of the Mode dial, the Panasonic Lumix GF6 improves upon the GF5 and borrows a little from the GX1. It adds a near 180° tilting touch-screen for easy selfies and built-in Wi-Fi for easy sharing. It even has NFC to easily pair with mobile devices. Check out our review to see how it fares.

Canon PowerShot N review

Canon PowerShot N - A New Direction

REVIEW  /  11 Jul 2013

With smartphones invading the digital compact camera's turf with ever better sensors and software features, it's time for compacts to evolve. Thinking out of the box is Canon's PowerShot N that features a unique design. Did it spawn a new niche segment or is the PowerShot N a step in the wrong direction? We find out in our review.

Nikon D7100 review

Nikon D7100 - Nikon's APS-C Prince

REVIEW  /  05 Jul 2013

Coming two years after the Nikon D7000, the D7100 is quite the beast on paper. It's the latest in Nikon's APS-C DSLR cameras to get a high-resolution 24MP sensor, and the first to come without an optical low-pass filter, which promises to increase the amount of detail captured in its images.

Fujifilm X20 review

Fujifilm X20 - Retro Good Looks

REVIEW  /  27 Jun 2013

A successor to Fujifilm's X10 advanced compact camera, the X20 brings retro good looks coupled with improved AF speeds to the table. But will this combination be enough considering the slew of advanced compacts released within the last year? Hit the jump to find out.


Nikon has just announced the Df, a retro-inspired full-frame DSLR. Check out how it looks and works (and compares against the Sony A7R) in our hands-on video.

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