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Will a fitness tracker change your life?

Alvin Soon

Will wearing a fitness tracker actually motivate you to work out more and change your life?

How Microsoft Surface rolls

Ng Chong Seng

In which I muse about how Microsoft's Surface rolls offers us a glimpse how Microsoft itself rolls today. Huh? Let me explain.

Arrival is not your usual alien movie, and that’s why it works

Alvin Soon

Arrival is a thoughtful and mysterious first contact movie that eschews big action sequences in favor of communication and relationships. Here’s why it works.

Travel into space with NASA – A Human Adventure at ArtScience Museum

Reta Lee

There's a new space show in town, and we're wowed by the scale of it all; NASA - A Human Adventure at ArtScience Museum is an exhibition that's both visually and aurally pleasing!

Boldly going, together

Alvin Soon

Star Trek has been roundly criticized for, among other things, being bland, socialist, communist, imperialist, unrealistic and hopelessly naive. But here’s why Star Trek has always been about hope for me.

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