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My DIY Experiment

So my old PC was getting long in the tooth. A dual-core processor was good enough but for the next two to three years, a quad-core would have to be the minimum requirement. 

While deciding the PC configuration I wanted was simple enough, I was not too keen on assembling the whole setup myself. Been there, done that. Not only did that involve having someone to help me carry all the components from Sim Lim Square (SLS), I probably had to spend at least half an hour screwing in the components. So, what about getting the retailers at SLS to fix everything up for me? 

With that in mind, I walked into a PC retailer at SLS. It turned out that assembly was free, due to the fact that I bought almost all the components from them. However, the salesperson warned me that it would take some time as there was a queue, with two other PCs ahead of mine. He was certainly right about that.

It took roughly an hour and a half for my PC to be assembled. Prior to getting the phone call from the shop, I had already dropped by once to check on the progress. Nothing had been started then. Unfortunately, the tech guy doing the assembly was unable to give me any estimated completion time and since they had already removed the components from their boxes in advance, I couldn't even change my mind and bring everything home to DIY myself.

The end result: a PC that worked fine with excellent cable management. Now I'm not saying I couldn't have done this myself, but I would probably have been less thorough in the cable management aspect. I still had to install Windows myself but the assembly was definitely excellent.

So, the next time you're thinking of ordering a custom PC at SLS, go during off-peak hours and you're likely to get your PC done in half the time it took for mine. But do your homework first and know what you're getting. As for me, I'm off to enjoy my new PC!

Sidenote: Turns out that the GTX 460, which I got and which is excellent value for everything else, is totally rubbish in the game I'm playing. The fix didn't seem to be forthcoming anytime soon so I switched to ATI instead.

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But like wat the author i had this experice b4...but lucky i had a good fren with the "homework" as the games i had play was pretty GOOD...for e.g. Crysis 2 :D was playing with fine issures with the videos...BUT THE GAME SYSYTMES....well like wat he said: do ur "homework" ~

Yes, SE has officially stopped support for any graphics card since 2008. Yet I have no issues running FF11 on my Radeon 5850. And my link comes straight from NVIDIA's own support, with an official moderator 'updating' on the status of NVIDIA's long delayed fix. Check the number of pages on that thread. There are enough players to care that NVIDIA's GTX 400 is in fact a downgrade for FF11 compared to a GeForce 9600 GT for example.

do note that SE has stopped coming up with support for later cards since 2008 before u talk about totally rubbish.

Intel Core i5-760 on an ASUS P55 motherboard, 4GB RAM and a Gigabyte GTX 460 (in this pic). My present rig has now switched to a Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 due to the issues with FF11. Apparently, a fix is coming real soon, or something at NVIDIA will get stabbed -

What are the parts you have installed in this CPU?

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