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iPad Your JooJoo With A Slate

Tablets have always sort of fallen down the wrong end of the slide when it came to consumers mostly due to an unwieldy surface and the fact that it doesn't just work as it should. While the medical industry may have some use for the tablet form factor, the consumer space hasn't been too encouraging. So when Apple finally announced their version of what a tablet should be, you could hear the geeks and nerds rolling their eyes in disappointment.

They didn't just want a larger iPhone - no, they wanted something better. Frankly, I felt much of the same way too. Was this the best that Apple could come out with? Then I looked at the competition. Fusion Garage, having acrimoniously parted ways with TechCrunch, launched the JooJoo (which would have been known as the CrunchPad). With crappy pre-order sales of just 75 units (despite Fusion Garage's statements of "exceeding their expectations" of probably one...), the JooJoo doesn't look to be doing too well either.

Reviews have mentioned the interface as messy despite looking good from afar and we aren't quite surprised given how the whole development process so far has been quite a ride for the company. While the unit does support Flash unlike Apple's iPad, but it's been noted in the same review that playback wasn't anywhere near optimal. It isn't looking good for the JooJoo, but we aren't quite surprised anyhow given how the news about the device has been playing out since the news broke about its troubles.

Now if you want a full fledged computer in a tablet, then HP's Slate may be of interest, but I can see a problem right from the bat. Windows 7, despite its multi-touch capabilities, isn't an OS designed for fingers. If you have had any experience with a Windows 7 tablet machines, you'll soon see what I mean. We'll see how it goes, but I'm expecting to see HP adding a TouchSmart layer for its Slate tablet, but until it's actually released, it's probably not a good idea to prejudge.

Besides the three most in the news tablets, there are other tablets to consider. Notion Ink has something called the Adam that runs on NVIDIA's Tegra 2, a Pixel Qi display (which can function like an E Ink display or a LCD panel) and a custom OS. The tablet looks really good so far, so they may have something worth looking at when it's finally ready. Lastly, there have been hints of a Google OS based tablet, which seems like a pretty viable option, given how finger friendly the Chrome OS looks.

So if you're in the market for a tablet, now's a good time as any to wait and not rush in. Or you could just be impatient and grab both iPad or JooJoo. Now don't mind me while I cut my credit card in two to avoid any impetuous tablet shopping.

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There is also the WePad haha

Tablets & slates have been around for the longest time, Bill Gates declared it the next big thing...

"Gates showed prototype Tablet PCs at the Comdex show in Las Vegas in 2001 -- a year ahead of their 2002 launch -- and at the show said in a company news release, "It's a PC that is virtually without limits and within five years I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America."

It's now a little over three and a half years into the time period he set and to-date Tablet PC has managed to do only marginally better than the now defunct trade show. A handful of vendors market Tablet PCs, but specialist markets like health care account for a large percentage of sales. Other users and those in business have yet to take to the form-factor in a big way.

Approximately 640,000 Tablet PCs were shipped in 2004 and this year shipments are expected to hit 1.2 million units, which corresponds to about 2 percent of the global portable PC market, according to a February report from IDC. "IDC continues to believe that tablet PC technology will become an integral part of future portable PC designs, but adoption of the technology will be slower than originally anticipated,"

These devices already exist & already runs Flash and have the full desktop experience ... already failed the sales figures have shown.

It's laughable when you look at the sales figures for tablets and slates for the last 10 years...

Probably the greatest feature on the iPhone & iPad is it doesn't run Flash & doesn't offer the full desktop experience.... that's why it sells so well. dud.

Sad to say every smartphone will look like the iPhone, and soon every tablet or slate will copy the iPad model..

Just like the iPod - critics lamented no FM radio, no WMA, WMV, AVI, DivX etc etc... hey you can include a whole bunch of stuff in a device, it doesn't mean you do well.... iPod went on the capture the whole MP3 market.....

The iPad may not be for you, but I wouldn't bet against it...

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