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Is this the Future of Media?

Hype over what the Apple iPad will and won't do for new media is rising as it's due to launch in early April in the US (the Singapore store's iPad page still has a 'notify me' button only, not a 'pre-order' button like the US store). Whether the future of media takes off with it is anybody's guess, but the concepts that people are already showing the world today what future media could look like are exciting to say the least. If you haven't seen them yet, now is the time to check them out.

The Wired Tablet App

Wired magazine has an amazing, working tablet app in development with Adobe that isn't just a simple magazine port, but a rich, multimedia experience of the magazine's content specifically redesigned to take advantage of the possibilities of a touch-enabled tablet computer. While the app is built as an Adobe AIR app and not mentioned as a native iPad app, Adobe has announced a Packager for iPhone tool that will allow Flash apps (including AIR projects) to be exported as iPhone apps.

Penguin Books

Penguin Books has also shown a demo of its iPad app, which makes children's educational books highly interactive and so much more fun.

Viv Magazine Concept

While Wired show an actual working demo and Penguin a believable concept video, the Viv Magazine concept just blows us out of the water. You want rich content? How about HD video shot film noir style attached to articles? We're not sure just how possible something like this is, but if this is the future of media, we want it.

Alvin Soon / Associate Features Editor

I like coffee and cameras, but not together.

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