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To Buy or Not to Buy the New iPad

I have the first generation iPad. And as I read through all the promised hardware upgrades for the new iPad, it's undeniable that the thought of ditching my old iPad for the new one is weighing heavily on my mind.

But in less than 15 minutes, I've decided against it.

To understand the reason behind it, you'll need to understand how I use the iPad. Last year, just when the first iPads were given a price slash, I seized on the opportunity to purchase the cheapest 16GB Wi-Fi version. Since then, the iPad has been used for a wide range of activities. Reading an e-book, using it as a photo stand, playing Tiny Towers, Ghost Trick and going through my social media feeds via Flipboard are the core functions of the iPad.

The single-core 1GHz processor has been more than sufficient to power through the above mentioned activities without a hitch. And a 9.7-inch display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels? That's just fine to read through my e-books.

I find myself quite satisfied with the experience I get out of the basic specs on the iPad. Compare it to say, a gamer or a movie buff who might be tempted with the 2048 x 1536 resolution of the third generation iPad, or the new Apple A5X processor with a quad-core graphics processor. Now that might be a real draw if someone is looking for a smooth gaming experience on the iPad.

And let's not get started on the camera. If there's one thing I just can't get my head around, it's the fact that people are actually taking photos with the camera on the iPad 2's 0.7-megapixel camera. A few weeks ago, during Chinese New Year, I've had relatives doing just that. And here's the fun part - once they took the picture and started viewing it, the pixelated image was quite noticeable. Being the geek of the family, they turned to me and asked for a reason behind the low image quality. True story.

So, there's now a 5-megapixel camera on the third generation iPad. Again, I'm still not tempted at all. It just doesn't work for me, especially since I have a smartphone that's handier for me to whip out and snap a picture without looking awkward. And I believe most tablet owners do have a smartphone. So again, I'm not sold on the idea of a camera on a tablet.

Right about now, I'm sure the pre-orders for the new iPad that'll be available from March 16th onwards in Singapore are challenging the servers for the Apple Store. I won't be surprised if some of my colleagues have started doing so. Me? I'm more of the "buy if there's a need" camp.

Till now, the iPad is still functioning fine, and it has been receiving the latest iOS updates. In fact, right after Apple's announcement, I've gotten the notification to install the over-the-air update for iOS 5.1. I'll be milking it dry till it finally fails on me. Until that happens, I have all the time I need to decide if I should go for the upcoming crop of quad-core tablets with Google Android 4.0 or visit the online Apple Store once more.

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I agree with the author. Upgrading to a new ipad really depends on what you plan to do with the better hardware. As stated in the author's blog, he decides that the first ipad has enough juice for his needs whilst consumers who wish for smoother performance and a better resolution may want a newer version for added performance.

"people look like dorks taking photos with them. it's a joke" - I tend to look at it differently, I love the joy & smiles and the comical effects that radiates from the people snapping from the ipad2 camera, cause i does that alot. Come on, i use the 5mega for doc scanning.

"But in less than 15 minutes, I've decided against it." no worries, 15mins is used to decide against it, 15secs is all it takes to change your mind, surely you know you deserve better than that, come on' i respect the fact to save money, but for your case, - forget it' HAHA

apple new ipad forget to put to their spec that new ipad is still IPS.
where SIPS > IPS regardless the resolutions.

i wonder why apple new ipad go beyond 1920x1080? dont think new ipad can playback movie at 2048 x 1536, it will be jagged or memory consume.
they put in ad with quadcore processor ( its misleading , they only have dual core processor with quad core a5x graphics,) well, for info asus prime have quad core processor with 12 core graphic tegra3. Asus never put in ad like new asus with 12 core apple did.
what TS post is totally true, i agree 100%.

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