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Adobe CS5 - The Age of "Connectivity" and "Interoperability"

We were down at Adobe CS5's launch on the 12th, and it was nothing short of exciting - most of all, there was an emphasis on connectivity. We highlighted a few features that managed to catch our eye.

Adobe has definitely made a significant jump with CS5, with neat additions that not only enhance a user's production workflow but complete the post-production experience. This is especially true of its newly-implemented online services as they will definitely speed things up considerably, without any extra hassle for both parties.

Some of the services to highlight are Omniture, which measures online content and digital marketing to analyze information from sources, and Adobe BrowserLab and Adobe CS Review, both of which will allow for a more productive workflow as they provide a one-stop solution for managing creative output for both clients, and designers; clients can leave comments through Adobe CS Review.

The idea to integrate browsing/file sharing into their programs in a time where documents can be easily shared online through other third-party online services like Photobucket, Google Docs, or YouTube might seem a little excessive, but Adobe earns cookie points by also allowing those involved to leave comments on the related files as well, erasing the need for back-to-back meetings or emails.

On the other hand, there are improvements on the production side of things. In this blog entry, we are highlighting two of the biggest advantages of the new suite, but rest assured, there are many more.

Firstly, Dreamweaver CS5 can now support popular content management systems like Drupal, and WordPress, which will allow designers to easily grab Web content while using the program itself.

Secondly, with mobile phones and tablets becoming gaming platforms and having Flash-based apps, the anticipated Flash Player 10.1 and Adobe AIR 2 are timely releases. No longer do developers have to port and redesign games from scratch to fit a mobile screen, the legwork can be done natively just once (creation and testing of deliverables), on one program. AIR applications can be built using the new Packager for iPhone or iPad for now, but future device support for Android, BlackBerry, and Palm webOS are in the future lineup.

While this particular piece of news had been overshadowed by an earlier announcement of Apple's decision to ban developers from using rival programming tools, like Flash, for iPhone OS 4.0, it hasn't dampened the spirits of other phone developers. According to an article on PC Pro, big names like Palm, Motorola, Intel, ARM, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, RIM and Google have all signed up to support it via the Adobe-led Open Screen Project. This might not bode well for Apple and its new rules as it can drive interested developers to other platforms - for a couple of reasons. The obvious would be that developers can cut cost and time by building a single Flash app that can run across all different platforms, rather than making one that only works exclusively on the Apple OS.  While app markets like Android's and RIM's are nowhere near the size of Apple's,  they have definitely garnered the interest of consumers in the recent years. 

In this day and age of connectivity and interoperability, Adobe seems to be going in the right direction with CS5. With its current standing as the premium editing software amongst creative professionals, we can foresee more users relying on it as a well-rounded one-stop solution, and no longer just for production purposes.

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I was at the launch seminar, the presenter was able to edit directly to the server via Index.PHP of wordpress system. Directly edit. Yes. It updates immediately (amend the CSS and such)

Vijay , you may want to note , I make no baseless statement on or off that Internet .- Just to assure you


Not sure if I understand your question, but Adobe's Dreamweaver works in HTML.

@ stanoi - While we applaud your effort to bring to mind that we should get value for our money, please bear in mind that you are liable for your replies on the internet.

Hence please be warned not to go off-topic or post baseless accusations in the future.

@ sgdinr - Hi, we'll get back to your query on this. Thank you for your interest.

Hi Sandra ,
Did you say connectivity ...
If then let me lead you on to something that you may want to get your finger on .
In relative terms that many in Sinagpre is getting screwed over by their ISP's in 1 way or the other .

And my best guess ( with a lot of indicators of course ) tells me ISP 's like Singnet is buying HWZ lunches and & Dinners.

So here is something to compare ... interms of connectivity

And then only after that ... see why cant a tiny small country like Singapore do better than this .


And dont even 2nd guess the finite details in the post. It is not an isolated case , infact it is almost true for every subcriber .

Warm regards

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