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Xbox - Media Preview In Singapore
By Aaron Yip
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 30th November, 2001

We heard about it. We've felt the excitement. But all these hype were only from the television and the Internet. As compared to our western counterparts in the USA who have already received their Xbox sets in time for Christmas, we can only drool at the Xbox technical specifications. So when the world's most powerful video gaming console, the Xbox, was visiting Singapore, who in their right state of mind will turn down a special press preview organized by Microsoft Singapore?

Brought in specially for Singapore's IT Lifestyle Exhibition, Sitex 2001, Alex Chua, Home & Retail Product Manager for Microsoft explained to us that the console will only stay in Singapore for as long as the exhibition duration of four days. After which it will say goodbye to this Lion City, and hello to Nippon land.

The Xbox package can be summed up in 2 Bs - Big & Black.

The new religion.

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