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Seagate Barracuda ATA V Plus (7200RPM)
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 10th April, 2003
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Barracuda Goes Serial

Seagate has always been one of the biggest hard disk drive manufacturers and they've been at it for a long time now. It was also not surprising that they were one of the very first to roll out a natively supported Serial ATA drive. Built from scratch, the Seagate's Barracuda SATA V (also better known as the Seagate Barracuda ATA V Plus), is made for future motherboards supporting the Serial ATA interface.

The drive is packed in the usual SeaShell packaging that protects the drive from excessive non-operational shock at up to 1000Gs. At the bottom of the drive, you'll find the familiar SeaShield protection that keeps the drive safe from any ESD failure due to improper handling. Seagate is a pioneer in this and not many drives offer such robust protection.

The back of the hard drive with the SeaShield ESD protection.

The interface board is hidden behind the shield.

Unlike other Serial ATA solutions that uses a data serializer/de-serializer to implement the SATA interface, Seagate boasts of using a true 'native' Serial ATA solution in the Barracuda ATA V Plus. The drive's Serial ATA interface is implemented from the controller and not just at the physical layer. By doing that, Seagate claims that the drive will truly communicate directly with the host at the full 150MB/s speed that Serial ATA is designed for.

Part of the Serial ATA specifications also included something known as command queuing which could boost the performance of the drive especially if the operating system can take full advantage of the function. Since some first-generation Serial ATA drives are not fully native, they do not have this feature and thus, performance could be affected by the lack of command queuing support.

In addition to the Serial ATA interface, Seagate also boast of being the first in the industry to use a sixth-generation FDB motor in the Barracuda ATA V. Well, we all know very well that FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) motors are silent and so, it has really become quite a permanent feature nowadays, especially with new high-capacity drives.

The Seagate Barracuda ATA V Plus (or SATA V).

The drive uses an 8MB Samsung 64Mb 60ns SDRAM part.

Now, let's all take a closer look at the specifications below before we carry on further.

Seagate Barracuda ATA V Plus Technical Specifactions
Interface Serial ATA
Capacity 120 Gigabytes
Model No. ST3120023AS
Number of Disks 2
Number of Heads 4
Bytes per Sector 512
Average Read Seek 9.4 ms
Track-to-Track Seek - N/A -
Full Stroke Read Seek - N/A -
Average Latency 4.16 ms
Rotational Speed 7,200 RPM
Data Transfer Rate 570Mbits/sec (internal), 150MB/sec (external)
Buffer 8 MB
Power Requirements 9.5 W (idle)
Weight 635 g (1.4 lb)

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